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Make people love you

Why “Do What You Love” Is Wrong To Tell Anyone

I was just reading an article today and it had a lot of different tips by entrepreneurs and this showed up at least 3 times in 7 tips. They say, “do what you love.” That’s completely wrong. Especially when we tell that to a person who doesn’t really know what we mean. Many entrepreneurs assume…

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Master These Two Things

As I read books, study, and awaken my consciousness even more, I find that I always am pondering these two things. As I ponder these two things, I find myself focusing on making them better, and focusing on the aspect that will help me grow faster. What if I told you life was simple it…

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Quora Question: What does it really mean to stop chasing money or you’ll never get rich?

What does it really mean to stop chasing money or you’ll never get rich? So I’ve heard this a million times and to chase your passion blah blah. I have turned this quote over and over in my head, what does this really mean? I chase money and it is my biggest dream in life…

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The Average Wage In This Country in 2012 was $1,540

The average wage in 2012 in Vietnam was $1,540 USD. I spend about 467% ($7,200) more per year just on living expenses here (which is higher than some foreigners and lower than others). In the USA I would spend 1051% ($16,200) on living expenses alone. I’ve met the folks who make the average wage and…

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Everyday I list 5 things I’m grateful for. They are simple things. Sometimes the names of certain people in my life. Many times I list life, love, friendship and other items as things I’m grateful for. The funny thing is, as I list these items, they come into my life more, in a positive way…

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Sometimes Bad Things Need To Happen

So that we can appreciate the good. There is always something positive, even to the most negative of acts in our lives. If we fine the beauty in it, we can grow faster and in an amazing way.

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What is the most important human ability in todays society? Is it intelligence? Is it physical body? Is it looks? It’s actually something so much more simple. It’s what nearly ALL successful people and employees have. It’s emotional intelligence. It’s the ability to manage ones self, manage ones emotions, be socially aware and manage relationships.

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Recycling Wastes More Resources Than It Saves

But for some reason we ignore this. Why do we ignore this? Because of the story we tell ourselves.  

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Open Letter To My Father

Dear Dad, I forgive you. You may never read this letter, though that’s OK. I know you haven’t talked to us for over 19 years now. I know that you’ve had our phone number for many years. I know that you have many other children and many other wives. It’s OK dad. I forgive you.…

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The Great Version Of Your Lover

Appreciate who your lover is. Appreciate the vision you have for them, the potential you see in them. Complaints from your lover has, have positive intentions behind the negativity. Look closely and you’ll find the love behind it.

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There Are Many Things Behind Anger

There are so many other emotions behind anger. Face the anger and pin point where it really comes from. It’s usually not about the person in front of you.

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All Of Life Boils Down To Two Things

Every solution, every problem revolves around these two things. If you read the books and meditate on these two items, you can cure all of life’s problems and make life far better in whatever way you define as better. These first of these two things are, past, present future. The second thing is scarcity and abundance.…

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Seeing Is Believing, Sometimes…

I’m a huge supporter of Believing is Seeing. This mindset means that we will see what we believe to be true. This is a great mindset when we are OPEN MINDED to a great future, and looking for positive change. This mindset doesn’t work though when we are FOOLING ourselves. Fooling ourselves into thinking everything…

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The Biggest Difference Between Being Successful And Unsuccessful

It boils down to 2 simple things. Unsuccessful people make their decisions slowly (even if they have all the information), and change their minds quickly at the drop of a needle. Successful people make their decisions quickly (when they have enough information), and slowly change their minds if ever.  

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Which Brain Do You Function From?

Humans have been known to have 3 brains we operate from, it’s the triune brain theory. We’ve been developing brains over our brains, layer after layer as we have evolved as humans. The earliest one we have is the lizard brain. This is our fear and survival brain that kept us alive when sabertooth tigers…

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It’s difficult

It is difficult to take action. It is difficult to start our own businesses. But the payoff is so rewarding, it’s worth it.

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Stopping Bad Habits

Want to know the easiest way to stop a bad habit? I’ll tell you in a little bit. First, let me tell you how I have a certain bad habit I will stop today. This bad habit has ruined many relationships for me and pushed many people away. This habit comes out of scarcity, as if there…

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People Are The Same After High School/College

Except for two things. The books that we read. And the people we meet.

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Life Is Great

Our beliefs determine our reality. Our reality does not determine our beliefs (unless we choose to let it happen). Life is great, even if life sucks. Life is great, even if bad things happen.

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Learning Slower Because Of Certain Music?

There is certain music that has been “proven” to increase brain activity in certain areas. I’ll tell you 6 specific songs in another post. There also has been certain music that has been proven to decrease brain activity in certain areas. These certain areas are our ability to learn, our engagement, and overall how well…

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