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100% effort, 400% return

Mastermind Groups Will Change Your Life

Mastermind groups are powerful, they will change your life and make it better in one way or another. That is unless you are surrounded by people who don’t care for change. Your Mastermind group doesn’t even need to be people alive, they can be people from throughout history as your advisors. Some of the most…

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Make Habits Into an RPG!

I love playing RPGs. The quick progression and leveling up is constant fun for me. Improving of stats and other things too. Recently I found a cool habit based game that I can level up a character with, with my own good habits. I highly recommend you check it out, it’s called Habitrpg. It’s currently…

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Learning Slower Because Of Certain Music?

There is certain music that has been “proven” to increase brain activity in certain areas. I’ll tell you 6 specific songs in another post. There also has been certain music that has been proven to decrease brain activity in certain areas. These certain areas are our ability to learn, our engagement, and overall how well…

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How You See The World

Abundance or Scarcity?

I don’t know who originally created this or where I got it from exactly, but I’ll go ahead and share it with you and thank the person who created this awesome info graphic. If you find yourself disagreeing with either of the sides, think about how you see the world.

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Easier Done Than Said

What happens if we reframe such a simple phrase as “Easier Said Than Done” as something new? What if we start to believe the story we tell ourselves about the new frame as “Easier Done Than Said”? It becomes true. It becomes our story. Logically it doesn’t make sense, and we might argue with it.…

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How To Manage Emails Automatically With Filters

How To Manage Emails Automatically With Filters - YouTube

In this presentation, you are going to learn how to automatically filter emails with filters. The power of this means less useless emails in your inbox, and you able to focus more on what you want to get done in life. Email is basically someone else’s agenda for you, so if we go check our…

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Are You Making This Productivity Mistake?

There are many ways to double productivity. And when productivity is doubled, life becomes easier and results are made faster. If we complete the most important tasks of the day in the beginning of our days, it sets a flow for our day and increase our productivity. Breaks should be taken too because breaks allow…

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This Simple Program Will Secure Your Online Info Product Accounts

Did you know creating a secure password is more important today than it was in the last two decades? Hackers are becoming more sophisticated and have more powerful computers to hack your online accounts. They can use several methods to get into your account from brute force attempts to stealing your passwords via Wi-Fi. The…

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How a Central Email Account Will Save You 1 Hour a Day

This strategy of one central email saves me over one hour a day when checking email. A central email is one account where you receive and send out ALL your emails. I have over 30 emails so this saves me a ton of time, and will save you a ton of time with email. More…

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Getting Started with Information Products and Passive Income

Troubled with Questions

This is the most important step in creating information products and passive income. If we do not take the step I’m about to share, none of our dreams of relaxing on the beach thousands of miles away, skiing down the slopes of the Italian alps, or playing with our kids at 1pm on a work…

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